Blissful Bluebird Totem Messages

bluebird totem meaning

Bluebird Totem Meaning and Messages

Direct talk from bluebird totem:

“I’m a totem that talks about the concept of attraction. You see, the males of my kind scour an area for a prime nesting location. Once we find the perfect landing pad, we skillfully and methodically build a nest. When all that work is done, the real magic happens.  As a male bluebird, we go through all this fuss to woo a prized lady friend. This is a big totem lesson for you.

Do you want something? Do what I do.  Make a plan. Scout out the right environment for your plan to hatch. Build a solid foundation. Then strut your stuff to attract your desires into reality. Work on a strong strategy and structure. Then release your charisma and positive attitude. Doing this will magnetize and materialize your dreams.

It’s important to note that while you’re making a nest for your wish-eggs to hatch, it’s best to do so with a happy heart.  There is a reason I am called a bird of happiness.  In general, we are extremely lighthearted. We are a kind clan of birds, and prefer peace over conflict. I mention all this as a totem moral. I’m here to remind you that you don’t have to fight or scratch to realize your goals. In fact, attitudes of gratitude, compassion and tranquility often result in more success and fulfillment than what opposite attitudes produce.”

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