Cawing Crow Totem Talk

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Cackling Good Crow Totem Messages and Meanings

Direct Messages From The Crow Totem:

“To know me is to love me. And even if you love me, there is no guarantee I’m going to love you back. I’m funny like that. I’m fickle.  And I really don’t care a whole lot if that suits you fine or not.  Sure…there are some folks I identify with, and I’ve been known to get close with some, but it takes a rare breed for me to allow myself to become friends with another.

You see…I’ve been known throughout history as a loner.  I’ve also even been called a ‘bird of death’.  This is all nonsense, really.  I’m actually quite social – I’ve got great command over communication and would prefer my black feathered friends on a Saturday night than sitting in a tree alone.

I also kinda resent the whole death identity.  I don’t deserve it.  All I am is an opportunist.  I see food, I feed on it.  That whole myth about me and death started with early wars.  My murder and me would descend upon a battlefield and it was a goldmine.  Food and fodder! Okay…so it’s disturbing if someone sees us plucking out eyeballs, or pecking at bones on a battlefield.  But you gotta understand…blood is a lusty, lovely thing for us.  It calls up primal urges, and it speaks in terms of survival.  One warrior’s fall is my fortune.

This is why my murder of crows is aligned with the Norse Valkyries. In Norse myth, my crow clan were thought to help wounded warriors to the halls of Valhalla.  It’s not too far off the mark.  We are indeed magical, and we do wing away warriors to the deemed destination of their souls. But we’re not all doom and gloom.

What’s opposite of death?  I’d say it’s curiosity about life.  Let me tell you, me and my troupe of crows are curious  about everything.  I’m into every sparkly bit, every movement, every scent and sound.  We are also curious about you.

So what is my totem message?  I’d say it is to not sweat the judgments and titles other people put on you.  I’d also say the totem message here is about curiosity.  Explore, discover, go beyond your territory…sniff a little, look a little.  It’s okay. Fly into a new scene that piques your interest. I’m pretty sure it will be worth your effort.

The big take-away point I have is this:  Like me…do not EVER be beaten into submission.  Rail against how others interpret your uniqueness.  There is only one you and only one me.  Perhaps we can be friends one day…then again, maybe not.  And that’s okay.  You need no approval to be whole.  You need no acceptance to be gloriously you!”

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