Clever Cat Totem Talk

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On the Prowl for Cat Totem Meanings and Messages

Direct messages from the cat totem:

“Some of you hate me. Some of you love me.  I really don’t care either way, but I think the fact that I provoke such strong reactions from people is noteworthy. Maybe you can relate.  Did you ever get the feeling that you just don’t fit in? Or maybe you find it easy to be loved by your peers. Either way, I’m here to encourage you to consider how you influence the people around you.

Get super-aware of the responses you evoke from others. Then take this information and develop a prowess for enhancing yourself.  That is, if you want to. I personally think you should love yourself and not really give a flip about what anybody else thinks.  Meeow!  😉

On that same note, it’s my attitude that wins me lots of fans. Egyptians loved me for my ability to be domesticated….but not quite.  People who try to train and tame me know that I will always keep my independent, wild side.  Egyptians were crazy over how I can be loving one minute, but indifferent the next.  It’s pretty clear that I’m okay on my own.  I can find my own resources, and I need nothing from others.  The fact that I choose to curl up in your lap, or indulge you with a trick or two is ultimately my choice.  You may think you’ve domesticated me – but think again.  This is big totem juju for you my friends.

Never be tamed to the point when you are no longer yourself.  Embrace who you are.  Realize you are resourceful.  And by all means, keep people guessing about who you are.  There’s no better fun than showing a cuddly, cozy side while knowing you can pull out your clever, cagey claws whenever you want.”

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