Galloping Good Horse Totem Talk


Saddling Up With Horse Totem Meanings

Direct messages from your horse totem:

“My troop of horses and myself would like to point out a common human misconception. We get irked when we hear that phrase ‘dogs are man’s best friend.’ As a horse, you can’t blame my chagrin. I rather think the horse is man’s best friend. Don’t get me wrong, I have no disfavor of dogs – in fact, some of my best friends are dogs. And I have no doubt they are great for humans.

But let me present you with some compelling points that substantiate my claim as top BFF for humans. Consider how I launched humanity into the age of productivity and industry. Without my horse clan, humans would still be crouched over fields, and spraining their ankles while hunting for food. Also, my horse kin and I have a remarkable gift for communicating with you humans. We have an instinct about you, and we often anticipate your needs.

So what does this mean for you in the capacity of horse totem messages? As a totem, my message to you is all about teamwork, productivity, cooperation, relationships and making this world a better place. My equine senses tell me that’s a lot to process, so let’s take the highlights.

Cooperation: When I canter into your life, it’s sign that more attention must be paid to collaborations and partnerships. As mentioned, I have the gift for seeing into a human’s soul. You do too. Take the time to settle into your partner’s energy. Try to anticipate his or her needs. Feel your mate’s essence and try to walk a mile in their hooves. It makes all the difference in your perspective and ability to work together.

Productivity: My horse pals and I pride ourselves on our ability to improve the lives of humans. In this area, here is the big horse totem message: Always leave everything better than the way you found it. ¬†Work to enhance the world around you. Strive to make a positive, productive difference in the lives of others. This world needs the good you have to offer. I’m here to remind you of that, and your ability to make positive change in the world.”

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