Meaningful Moth Messages

Moth Totem Meaning

The Magic of Moth Totem Meanings

Direct totem moth messages:

“Way too often humans see me and don’t give me a second thought. Big mistake. I am bursting with moth messages and meanings! The main meaning I have to share with you comes in two parts:

Part One: I’m a creature of the night. That’s giant juju for you. It means I am a sign for you to trust your instincts. I am here to remind you that not everything you see is real. I use extraordinary sensory perception to navigate through the night. You can too! When times are dark, and you find yourself in the unknown – use your intuition and soulful perception to navigate you to the light of life.

Part Two: Speaking of light…most of you know that my moth buddies and I tend to be attracted to the light. You know that saying ‘like a moth to a flame’? Well, that’s a hefty moth message for you.  When you see me, I am encouraging you to seek out the light in your life. Sometimes it’s a big risk to follow the light; I’ve lost a few pals to flame and bug zappers! But I’m reminding you that achieving great goals sometimes requires great risk. Follow your light. That might mean many different things. Maybe it’s sticking with your passion. Perhaps it’s moving to a new location. Go for the light of your dreams!

Put these parts together, and you get ultimate moth messages like this: Do not fear the darkness of the unknown. Let your intuition guide you to the light. Keep flying to the light, because it will navigate you towards magnificent magic!”

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