Running With Rabbit Totem Meanings

Rabbit Totem Meaning

Jumping Into Rabbit Totem Messages

Direct insight into rabbit totem meanings:

“When I hop into your life, it’s time to be aware of the world around you.  I’ve got a reputation for being skittish, and running away from threat. That’s true to a point, but as a rabbit totem, I’m more about being aware of my surroundings. I am deeply connected to my environment. That means I can detect the slightest shift in nature. You can do the same. You have the ability to tune into your physical and energetic environment. Doing so will make you aware of changes and shifts coming your way. My bevvy of bunnies and I are encouraging you to keep your perception sharp. Be still, sniff around, perk your ears. Doing so will make you privy to upcoming opportunities or potential threat around you.

Another rabbit totem message for you is this: Abundance. Yep. I’m a hippity-hoppity totem that celebrates life! I mean, it’s no secret that I can pop out more babies than Henry Ford produced Model T’s. I’m known for my impressive reproductive abilities. I can have up to 40 babies in one birthing! What’s that got to do with you? Plenty, my dears. I’m here to tell you it’s time to live! Grow! Produce! Get jiggy and get busy! When I give birth, I’m leaving behind a legacy through my offspring. When I show up in your life, I’m asking you what kind of legacy are you leaving?  What’s your offspring? How does it populate the world? What’s your legacy?

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