Spinning Webs Around Totem Spider Meanings

Totem Spider Meanings

Totem Spider Meanings and Messages

Getting the spin on spider meanings and spider totem messages:

“Okay, I admit I’m not the most cuddly toy in Nature’s treasure chest. But that doesn’t negate the profound wisdom I have to offer as a wicked-awesome spider totem.

I think one of my most crucial offerings is the element of mystery. Across countless cultures and myths, I’m notorious for being a keeper of secrets and sacred wisdom. I’ve been viewed as a mystical creature since ancient times. This has a lot to do with my looks (let’s face it, I’m pretty freaky looking).  I’m also given high respect because many (not all) of my kind are venomous.  I mean, what better way to keep a secret than to wrap it up in poison, sticky webbing and funky appearance.

This is great insight for humans. Why? Because you’ve got secret weapons. The trick is to be clever and strategic about when you use it.

For example, sometimes it’s the words we don’t speak that are most powerful. It lends mystery. Practice being enigmatic. Employ subtlety. It makes people curious about you. This allows you to creep into places that afford you opportunities. Strength and magic is found from within.  Your internal energy is your special secret.

You don’t have to advertise your power to win attention from others. Simply know you are an intoxicating, magical being – feel it in the marrow of your bones.  Be demure. Be cunning. But don’t announce your killer-keen skills. Simply know you are the master of your amazing self. This attitude is what has won me respect (and sometimes fear) over time – it will work for you too.”

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