Stinging Scorpion Totem Messages

scorpion totem meaning

Scorching Scorpion Totem Talk

Totem Talk from the Scorpion:

“Alright. I’m a super-freak when it comes to defense.  I mean, look at me!  From my hard exoskeleton, to my pinchers…not to mention my mean stinger…I’m all about surviving threat.

That’s my lesson for you today.  When I show up, it’s often a prompt to defend yourself, your family, your beliefs.  I’m an especially profound reminder of home defense.  I’m symbolic in many cultures as a sign of protecting house and hearth.

I’m also here to put some zing in your sting.  I’m talking about passion!  Whatever we scorpions do, we do it with gusto.  That’s especially true in the bedroom.  Ok, so we don’t boogie in bedrooms, usually, but you get the hint.  Get jiggy.  Get your passion-play on.  Whatever you do, do it with va-va-va-voom!”

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