Sublime and Simple Sparrow Meanings


Sparrow Meanings and Totem Messages

Insight into sparrow meanings:

“Simplicity. Gratitude. Friendship. This is my sparrow message to you.  When I fly into your awareness, please keep these keystones in mind. I suppose that means you will keep things simple, be grateful and friendly all the time – because my kind is prevalent around the world. As I am such a common sight, you’d think the whole world would be like a big Coca Cola commercial…teaching the world to sing in perfect harmony!

At any rate, learn from me about the infinite glory of simplicity. I make my way in the most confusing and chaotic spaces. I’m known to nest in the midst of subway signs and in the clamor of tavern patios. My needs are meager and few. As long as I can provide for myself and my babies, life is good.  This is a great lesson for humans. Sometimes the simplest path is the most rewarding. On its own, life is complicated enough – we hardly need to lend a hand to the mania. It’s not the newest iPhone, or a Land Rover parked in your garage that gives solace to the soul. It is the still, simple moments experienced with pure, unadulterated awe that prove most remarkable in life.

Which brings me to gratitude.  When I come to you, my sparrow meaning resounds with the message of giving thanks for the small stuff. Too often human life is ravaged by consumerism, commerce, politics, judgment, etc. My sparrow spirit flies above all that.  I am here to remind you to drop the extraneous complexities. Sometimes sitting in humility and gratitude is far more powerful in this Universe than any other action.

Lastly, I am a reminder of friendship. We sparrows fly rampant around the world, and we commune with humans more often than not. We watch you, and we love you. I rather think my sparrow family and I are like guardian angels to humans. Sometimes that’s the very best definition of friendship. To watch, to listen, and be present. Then when most needed, fly in when help is required. This is a beautifully simple way to be a true friend.”

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