Wising Up To Owl Totem Talk

Owl Totem Meaning

Owl Totem Meanings and Messages

Direct insight into owl totem messages and meanings:

“I’m known in many cultures as being super wise.  Even a potato chip company called ‘Wise’ uses my image for their logo.  There’s good reason for this because I am extremely savvy.  My hunting skills are legendary. My sensory perception is remarkable. I can detect movement in the dead of night better than the best security system.

When I appear to you, or hoot outside your window, I’m a reminder to utilize your knowledge to your greatest advantage. Some wisdom is gained by education, other kinds of knowledge comes from experience. Either way, we all learn. The key is to grow from our lessons. How are you using your life-lessons to better yourself and your world?  Are you exercising your wisdom to max potential? Like me, you’ve got to keep your wits about you in order to successfully hunt down what you want.

Speaking of hunting, I do my treasure-finding at night. Nighttime is symbolic of the unknown and unclear transitions. This is symbolic for you too. As a totem, I am a sign of great transition after a time of darkness in your life. I may also indicate changes yet to come. When you meet me, please don’t be afraid. Change is a fact of life. And you can find tremendous goodies in the darkest moments. I think it’s the unknown factors that come during and after changes that freak out humans. That’s understandable. But try to do what I do…go boldly into that good night, and keep flying towards that which you need to survive and move forward in life.

I am here to encourage you to be shrewd about your choices. Be fearless during times of uncertainty and transition. As your owl totem, I show up when you must use all the skills and resources at hand to hunt down the best for yourself. I also want you to know that when times seem bleak, quiet yourself and know you have the potential to fly gracefully towards your greatest destiny.”

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